Drawing Room

Kitchen Table

This is a frame I welded up for a kitchen table, to include a gas cooker, with a number of surfaces that could either adjust for height, a shift between worktop and table height or anything in between, or swing out to fit a space in the room it was made for when there were fewer people and a more intimate table seemed appropriate. The various adjustable parts would transmit their condition to other pieces in the apartment, redrawing the space in realtime. It has a similar fascination to the sink (https://natchard.com/2011/09/16/drawing-sink/) and the full scale picture plane (https://natchard.com/2011/10/26/full-scale-picture-plane/) in trying to draw space at it happens rather than in advance. For quite bizarre reasons beyond my control I was unable to access the workshop during the time I had to work on the project and as my family’s patience wore out I installed a flat pack kitchen as an interim measure. We subsequently moved and so the project was never completed.

At the time this picture was taken the feet had not been added. Cupboards would have fitted between the frames.

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