Drawing sink

Drawing Sink (Nat Chard)

This  fragment of a drawing is a question from about twelve years ago. How else to draw architecture and how it is occupied. This sink is at the entrance to a building and , like the one in the entrance to Villa Savoye, provides the opportunity to clean off the dirt of the outside world. Unlike the sink at Savoye, this one relished the dirt. The Ascot*-like gas heater and cold water pipe have hospital like taps so that your hands do not touch anything before being washed. Under the sink is a machine that feeds through filter papers one at a time for each washing. When the water has passed through then these are places int he cabinet to the right of the sink. The water drips away into a drain in the floor. The plug also has a hospital lever so that hands do not touch anything until they are clean. The drawings in the filter paper are probably more giving when seen as a group – the difference between each days grime, as opposed to the individual figures in the paper. It was the prelude to a number of experiments for a Drawing Room, some parts of which still reside in my basement.

*Ascot is or was a manufacturer of water heaters that used to sit over sinks in kitchens and seedy bedsits throughout the UK. The one in my drawing draws attention to its flue, rather than hiding it at the back of the device as happens with most commercially available water heaters.

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