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Some more stereo views of the dioramas at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. The Walrus group is a popular subject for dioramas. There is a beautiful one at the American Museum of Natural History with a background painting by Francis Lee Jaques. When a taxidermist took me round the dioramas at the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen the thing he was most proud of was the representation of excrement on the show and ice. The natural history museum in Stockholm has a similar fascination with faeces. Such polution clearly made much less of an impression on the American surveys, for in both examples the snow is a pure white.

Villa Savoye

Villa Savoye

I was looking through some old stereo photos I had taken and came across this view of the parental bathroom at Villa Savoye. If you can resolve the 3D view the sense of depth and space is worth going cross-eyed for. As usual, go cross eyed until the same feature from each photograph resolves with its identical twin (the foreground cupboard in this view is a good item to work with). You will see three images so concentrate on the middle one. When you have resolved the image, relax as much as you can so that the full depth appears.

IMG_7084In the middle of this radar trailer (above) is a section that holds the people who operate it. Either side are the active pieces – the radar dish and the pieces that control its position etc. on the right and on the left are the viewing screens and controls, which just stick out of the front of the cabin, each piece of program shrink wrapped individually. Some details below. This example is at Duxford.
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IMG_0181 IMG_0190 IMG_0191 IMG_0193 IMG_0197 IMG_0198A selection of apertures in aeroplane structures, where interruption of surface continuity is kept at a minimum and so any variation in the surface becomes highly specialised – all the elements that cannot be contained by the main fuselage. I have been working on similar architectural surfaces and might post some soon. I have a few more of aeroplane examples so will post a few more soon. I especially enjoy the difference between the smooth aerodynamic exteriors and the folded and ribbed structures found inside.