Test Drawings

Drawings in Progress

Here is the front side of the drawings shown from the back a couple of posts ago. The right way round and the right way up, although when they are drawn on they will work from a range of angles, not just the frontal as shown here. As you can see, the angle of the folds changes slightly in each one. The holes are to take a bracket for a model component. Lots more to do.

Anamorphic test drawing

The drawing above ( and also the two images below) is a test drawing made around 1999 as an attempt to study the potential of anamorphic projection as a way of spatialising the picture plane. It is a composite between three-dimensional moving parts (lower right hand side, that were bolted to the drawing an a space that was also milled out into the drawing surface) and the drawing. The image below shows a detail of the three-dimensional elements. The image is made to see how tolerant an image could be to various positions of viewing and still make sense from that position (as opposed to compensating for the parallactic deviation from the frontal view). In other words, as you moved round the drawing the question was does the image still make sense as it is seen from that position, while still making sense when seen from from a frontal position. The third image shows a view from the left hand side of the image.

Detail (Nat Chard)

Anamorphic view

The main figure, a diaphanous form, is related to a number of studies I had made in 1992 and 1992 looking at the space we might imagine to be our own, a sort of spatial projection. The first two drawings below are studies for two people walking together. I have posted the final drawing before but this is a recent scan off a slide that I recently cleaned up a bit, and shows the drawing better than the earlier version.

Test drawing

Test drawing

The space of two people walking (Nat Chard)