Skeleton Clock Playing Flutes and Chimes 1790

These automata  and the musical clock above are from the Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris. Since the renovation they are kept in cases on the main floor. Previously they went on show on, if I remember correctly, the first Tuesday of every month. The curators, all wearing white gloves, would carefully wind up the automata one by one, some with their fur and others just the chassis so you could see how they worked. The highlight was the performance by The Dulcimer Player (below, 1784) by Kintzing and Roentgen for Marie Antoinette. The highlight of the highlight was when the chief curator theatrically lifted her skirts to reveal her exquisite mechanism.

As before, to register the stereoscopic view in 3D go cross-eyed until the images register one over the other. Try to relax and concentrate on the middle of the three images that appear when they are registered. If you are having problems, make the image smaller and try again.

The Dulcimer Player 1784