Full Scale Picture Plane

Picture Plane Copenhagen (MRT,FK, NC)

A collaboration between Mette Ramsgard Thomsen, Florian Koehl and Nat Chard. We built a crane to hang a floding picture plane made of polythene sheet. Florian had built a series of relay driven actuators to fire a set of ten cameras simultaneously. The cameras could have their flash switched on or off so that the the shadow from one flash might be caught anamorphically by another. The pictures from the cameras shown here are all from the same moment of exposure. All the pieces were fabricated over three or four days and set up in an apartment in Copenhagen. I will post a film of the picture plane in motion in a day or two – sorry for the lack of posts recently, I have been away.

Picture Plane Copenhagen (MRT,FK, NC)


The plan shows some of the range of movements possible with the steel crane we built to hold the picture plane.

Parts of the steel crane

Crane in position without picture plane

The following pictures are from Florian’s cameras. In the plan view you can see several flashes going off at the same time.

Image Five

Image Seven

Image eight

Image nine

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