Spatial Intensities

Space between feet study (Nat Chard)

After the work int he previous post there are a number of studies that look closer at some of the conditions within the yellow drawing. Above is a study for a much larger drawing (below) of the space between the lower legs of the two people walking. In each case a single (and sectioned) figurative foot locates the scale and nature of the abstract registration of knee, lower leg and foot.

Full size space between lower legs (Nat Chard)

Some other drawings (this time drawn over Polaroid transfers) build up a perceptual composite of the foot during this walk (below). Both are drawn oer images of X-Rays.

Foot study 1 (Nat Chard)

Foot study 2 (Nat Chard)

Electronic context (Nat Chard)

As I mentioned in the last post, the vertical yellow lines in the yellow drawing sit in place of a coherent idea of context for the space. THis drawing is a suggestion that the skin of the space, which is sensitive to electronic signals in the skin of the people who walk through it, is also sensitive to electronic signals in the ether. The impressions in the architectural skin in this image (above) are from navigation signals and are quite stable. As with previous pairs of drawings, these are stereoscopic so if you go cross eyed so that one image registers over the other, you will see the thing in 3D. The animation figure was built for a stereoscopic film of this project. I think it is stored on obsolete media, but if i can find it I might post it.

Personal space study (Nat Chard)

The image above (also stereoscopic) is a personal space study. It is quite a hard one to resolve as there is  incomplete overlap in the images, but if you can resolve it the personal space drawn around her body works quite well.

Time/space section (Nat Chard)

The last image in this post is a later attempt at similar content to the yellow drawing (in the previous post) but with a mixture of instantaneous and durational images (working from a photofinish-like photograph of two people walking). All these drawings are from 1994.

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