Site-Eye Photographs – Brian and Gareth McClave

Red Tower Sliced

Red Tower Sliced



Tromso Kilpis Out Sliced

Tromso Kilpis Out Sliced

Three wonderful photographs by Brian and Gareth McClave. The McClave brothers are the directors of Site-Eye who specialise in time-lapse and stereoscopic time-lapse film and photography. You can see some examples of their work on the Natural History Museum site:

(beetles cleaning the skeleton of a parrot)

and more generally on their website

where you will find lots of buildings that emerge with unseemly haste – an orgy of time lapse pleasure. Much of their work is for the construction industry. Their 3D time lapse films are even more stunning.

The photographs are part of a research project where they have developed the software to construct these stunning photographic scans of sites. The durational images are made up of many sequential images (taking in the whole image), where they sample vertical lines of pixels from each image in the sequence (located in their normal position), in these examples working in time from left to right. So the first vertical line of pixels on the left is the first vertical line of pixels from the first image, the second vertical line from the corresponding line in the second image and so on. In the first image you can see a normal scene interrupted by vehicles stopped at the traffic lights (also, note the change in the shadow on the side of the bridge). The second image on the beach has the tide going out and then coming back in again, with a range of repeated patterns further back in the sea that are hard to fathom.

Seen in larger prints they are full of subtle nuances and temporal surprises. And very beautiful.

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