I have posted a few dinosaur armatures on this blog. I enjoy the precision of the support, not only for the bones and their relation to each other but also the character of the animal that is given by the pose that the bones are set in. It is a more intimate precision than that found in the arms of planetary models, for example, which are far more abstract.

This mount is from the Museum of Comparative Anatomy in Paris (I have posted some pictures of the mammal and dinosaur skeletons from the same museum previously). It holds a skull fragment that is clearly not the item that it was originally made for (it appears to be for a skull with a lower support for the jaw). The precision of the mount to fit the original bones comes not only through the geometry but also the delicacy of its structure. It also implies a strange hybrid of the original skull with the imposter  fragment.

View previous posts for suggestions on how to resolve the stereo image.


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