Launch Complex 34

It was an aerial photograph of Launch Complex 34 (in the book Dead Tech) that first persuaded me to visit Cape Canaveral in the mid ’90’s. It is the site of the ill fated test that led to the death of three astronauts (I will post some pictures of the astronauts’ memorial soon). From the air it could almost be a prehistoric site, and the combination of the compressed archeology (of space travel) and the promise of future adventures is one of the things that makes Cape Canaveral so compelling.

Launch Complex 34

Launch Complex 34

Launch Complex 34

As usual, to resolve the stereoscopic images, go cross eyed so that you register identical elements over each other form both images. You will then see three images – concentrate on the middle one. If you are having difficulty doing this, make the image smaller, and move your head from side to side slightly to register the two horizons over each other. When you have the 3d image, try to relax and the view will develop its depth.

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