Lunar Module 2

Lunar Module

An exterior view of the lunar module. A few people have commented that some of my drawing instruments resemble this craft, and the legs of Instruments Four, Five, Six, Seven and Eight have similar leg geometry although the sections and character of the legs are very different – and they are tripods rather than quadrupeds (the Lunar Module is the latter). They also share a two part organisation with a lower supporting element holding the more active programs. There was certainly never any intention to mimic the lunar module in the drawing instruments but it is something I like very much –  a simple interior with program shrink wrapped around it.

This is from the Saturn Five Hall at Cape Canaveral, and the architecture of the hall provides a noisy background for this wonderful object so I have posted a close up of the core of the Lunar Module. I also took some wider views where it separated from the background when viewed stereoscopically. I might post some more general views later.

As usual, to view the images in 3D go cross-eyed until a common feature in the two images registers over the other image. Try to relax for the three dimensional depth to improve. If you are finding it hard to register, shift your head slightly to get the horizon to align.



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