Can you identify this valley?

Big Horn Sheep site

The panorama above is an assembly of the photographs that James Perry Wilson took as a survey near Banff for his Big Horn Sheep group at the Yale Peabody Museum. Do you recognize the valley? If you look at the diorama at the Peabody you will notice that Wilson mirrored the image. It is located in a slightly awkward corner and the shell is a-symetrical. The part of the shell that is closest to the viewer is on the left hand side and for some reason Wilson located the distant valley (on the right above) on this part of the background while the closest part, to the left of the image above,  he located at the deepest part of the diorama. I will post some pictures of the diorama in a couple of days. If you know this valley please click on this post and then leave a message, or click on ‘leave a comment’ on the left. The photographs are taken around sixty years ago so the trees will have changed somewhat.

I am working on a camera dedicated to the diorama and would like to use it on the original site as well, just as with the Cold Bog Camera (see Cold bog camera and cold bog camera two).

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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