Manufacturing the Bespoke

Manufacturing the Bespoke

Very happy to have a chapter in Bob Sheil’s new book Manufacturing the Bespoke. My copy arrived today from Amazon and there is lots of wonderful work documented in the book. As well as Bob and Sixteen Maker’s wonderful 55/02 project there is a new project by Peter Salter, for instance. Other contributors include Stephen Gage; Mark Burry; Tobius Bonwetsch, Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler; Mary Vaughn Johnson; Philip Beesley; Mark West; Liquid Factory; Natalija Subotincic and Frank Fantauzzi; Guan Lee; Anderson Inge; Charles Walker and Martin Self, Michael Stacey; a great piece by Phil Ayres; Rachel Armstrong; Xavier de Kestelier and Richard Buswell; Neri Oxman and Constance Adams. My chapter discusses some of the drawing instruments.

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