Instrument Five Progress Picture

Instruments under construction

I have quite a bit more work to do before the new instruments are worth posting so here is a picture of Instruments Five and Six being assembled and Instruments Four being refitted. The  white instrument in the middle foreground is an instrument four and the red one to its right is an instrument five. Behind them on the back worktop (in a studio that is normally used by students – this was taken in the summer before last) is Instrument Six. The instruments lined up on the left are mostly Instrument Fives with one Instrument Four. Several people have asked me how large the instruments are, so this gives some idea of the scale. Each one will fit in a one metre cube.

This is a stereoscopic pair, so if you go cross-eyed you should be able to resolve the scene in 3D, which makes it much clearer. If you are having difficulty resolving it make the image smaller on the screen.

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