Mask (Nat Chard)

As you will have noticed on this blog for a while, I have been filling in with odds and ends while I get going on some new work. This is a drawing made as part of a program introduction in 1992. I had just started working with Polaroid transfers as a way of placing images on robust drawing paper so I could draw on top of them. The image above and the one below is of me with a mask, the others are of early media studies playing with the Polaroid transfers.

Mask (Nat Chard)

Mask study (Nat Chard)

The underlying image in the drawing above came from the Science Museum in London (a postcard)  and is curious for an anatomical model in having an architectural section. Most anatomical models are much more ambitious about what the section can reveal.

Media test for Polaroid transfer drawing (Nat Chard)

The top two drawings are made on type 59 Polaroid (5×4 inch) and the lower two on type 669, a little smaller – hence the difference in the surrounding chemical smudges.

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