Instrument Five Models

Instrument Five Model

The various versions of Instrument Five have models under a glass dome so that the person drawing is reminded of the content being discussed by each instrument. Each model shows part of the content of a later version of the bird automata test track, and the models and figures were designed and built by Samantha (Sam) Lynch and Jason Campbell while I was working on the instruments. The image above (and below in detail) is the workbench / operating table to assemble and maintain the automaton birds. It was made by Sam.

Instrument Five Model

The second model (below) by Jason shows the tracking station where all the bird’s movements during a test flight are recorded.

Instrument Five Model

Instrument Five Model

The glass domes protect the models from the flying paint.

Instrument Five Model in position (Nat Chard)

The image above is a reminder of the model location in Instrument Five.

The models are built at 1:24. The figures are made up from a German kit of body parts that allow you to pick and choose from a variety of heads, torsos and limbs. They come naked, which seemed better than the available models with clothes – either military figures or estate agents. They looked a bit strange completely naked so Sam made some work aprons for them. If you think they look a bit pervy, compare them with the suggested assembly on the cover of the kit box.

Natural poses and clothes...

Some of the body parts

Here is one of the plastic mouldings from the female kit.

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