Open Peepshow

Peepshow Frame (Nat Chard)

The picture above shows the frame and plates for an experimental peepshow that is open and has adjustable planes. It was a test to find a measure for the accommodation the eye would allow from an ideal anamorphic distortion. The two drawing below were made to calculate that distortion for a particular position of the plates for the main two views. The plates have holes cut in them to composit the peepshow views with the place in which it is found, in this case the iCP gallery in Hamburg.

Drawing One (Nat Chard)

Drawing Two (Nat Chard)

The anamorphic images on the plates are derived from a model (furniture by Karen Gamborg Knudsen and Frederik Petersen) with the two principle views shown below.

Study front

Study side

The following photographs show various views through the peepshow

Peepshow (Nat Chard)

Peepshow (Nat Chard)

Peepshow (Nat Chard)

Peepshow (Nat Chard)

Peepshow (Nat Chard)

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