Instrument Seven – developments from Instrument Five

Instrument Five (Nat Chard)

In the picture above you can see the view the catapult that is going to throw paint has of Instrument Five. As noted earlier, having the folding picture plane behind the drawing pieces means that many of the subtle splatters of deflected paint are obscured by the main body of paint that misses the drawing pieces and deposits a large splat of paint on the picture plane. The same instrument can be seen below, showing this relationship from the side.

Instrument Five (Nat Chard)

Instrument Seven has the same chassis as Instrument Five but has a new picture plane that sits adjacent to the flight of the paint (see below). The folding picture plane has adjustments between each individual plate plus the whole picture plane can rotate slightly. The plane is set up so that the area closest to the drawing pieces forms a harbour to protect that part from a direct flight of paint. Some of the direct flight can catch the back end of the picture plane (or the front if the catapult is turned far enough.

Instrument Seven (Nat Chard)

(Above) You can see how little of the Instrument Seven picture plane sits behind the drawing pieces.

(Below) Side view of Instrument Seven.

Instrument Seven (Nat Chard)

The Instrument Seven drawing pieces are also developed to be more robust and larger targets for the paint. We are no longer discussing the Bird Automata test track in this instrument – the drawing pieces shown here are a media test to push some of the thoughts about what the drawing pieces could achieve. There is a main wooden piece that is protected by a number of slatted screens. as the paint penetrates the screens to cover the wooden piece the slats become more opaque to the flying paint.

Instrument Seven (Nat Chard)

(Above) A detail of the Instrument Seven Drawing Pieces.

Instrument Seven (Nat Chard)

I will post some images of Instrument Seven drawing tomorrow. Below is one of Instrument Seven’s drawings.

Instrument Seven drawing (Nat Chard)

And another one…

Instrument Seven drawing (Nat Chard)

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