London House

House (Nat Chard)

A project for our house in North London. We lived on the top two floors of a semi-detached Victorian house and needed more space. This proposal is for a steel exoskeleton to take a larger floor-plate and volume. Each programme in the hose is divided in two, with one part fixed on the outside walls and the other half on tracks around the internal full height space. There is also a  second level perimeter floor that sits between the outside walls and the moving elements. In this way parts of programmes could be recombined – kitchen with bathroom or library perhaps, or bedroom and workshop or kitchen. An ideal version would have the house recombine these pieces while we were out so that we would have to re-learn it when we came home. Instead of seducing us with easy comfort, it would tease and delight us with new possible combinations – maybe even with the programmes matching at some stage.

Wet services and  heavy components were fixed on the outside while the less grounded elements would be attached to internal screens that moved around the internal space. The project was developed through the model which establishes a spatial as well as mechanical structure for the project. The stereoscopic drawings are a range of speculations on the various components that make up the programmes  (if you are new to this bolg, to resolve the stereoscopic images go cross eyed until the two images resolve over each other, and try to relax to get a good three dimensional image).

House (Nat Chard)

House, view into interior (Nat Chard)

This view into the interior (above) gives a good sense of the space if you can resolve it stereoscopically.

House, external view (Nat Chard)

Fixed kitchen and bathroom parts (Nat Chard)

Again, the drawing above makes most sense when resolved as a 3D image.

View from garden (Nat Chard)

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