Body Project Two

Body project two, layer one (Nat Chard)

To dig out greater nourishment from the project I went through the performance and plumbing of the main body organs that were appropriate for the projects and set out a parallel synthetic system with feedback loops to the natural versions. All the flow rates and pressures for fluids, solids and air were calculated to work in sympathy with their natural counterparts. A sequence of drawings works from the deepest levels to the surface. THe first layer has the main mechanical pumps for air and blood.

The premise of the project remains similar to that outlined in the previous post.

Body project two, layer two (Nat Chard)

The second level shows the abdominal filters, some of the pieces most likely to protrude as bumps under the skin.

Body project two, layer three (Nat Chard)

The red and white element shown in layer three is the digestive element that converts carbs into electricity to run the synthetic organs. It is the least plausible of the synthetic organs. Most of the others have some basis in medical reality and after this project was made some of them were overtaken by medical technology – but more of that when we get to the third body project.

Body project two, layer four (Nat Chard)

Layer four has additional pieces inserted between the new and existing organs to help slippage when the body twists and turns.

Body project two, layer five (Nat Chard)

Layer five shows a heat shield. As with the previous body project, all the drawings are stereoscopic and made over polaroid transfers. The polaroid photographs were made from an anatomical torso borrowed from UCH in London.

Body project two, layer six (Nat Chard)

The heat shield is drawn as a transparent layer in the remaining drawings. Here in layer six the sensitive control unit sits outside the heat shield.

Body project two, layer seven (Nat Chard)

Layer seven shows the heat exchanger that works with the air handling vessels (see next layer)

Body project two, layer eight (Nat Chard)

The top layer includes the air handling vessel that works as a constant volume inverse of the natural lungs, and breathes through one of the abdominal filters. The drawings are airbrushed over the already unreliable polaroid transfers. Several of the layers are transparent so cannot be painted over if the work goes wrong. Working without an undo button can help one commit to something…

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