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After Instruments One, Two and Three (which were made from castings where I machined the patterns) most of Instruments Four to Nine were cut from flat sheet. With Instrument Ten I was interested in the picture plane having greater depth (both on the pictorial surface that takes the splatter but also in its presence), so I made it – and much of the chassis – out of a material that machines well. The material is also a bit soft, so at the junction between the aluminium legs and the Valchromat chassis there is a hardwood insert as a wearing surface and to take the wood screws that (partly) hold the two together, as seen in the top picture during assembly.


With the earlier paint throwing instruments I relied on ready made spoons – at first plastic spoons for making tea or coffee (Instrument Four) and then various versions of measuring spoons for cooking (Instruments Five, Seven and Eight). For Instrument Ten I made a set of bespoke spoons that would allow some modulation of the character of the paint throw beyond the viscosity of the paint and the settings on the paint catapult. The two compartment spoons have proved particularly versatile. The spoons fit the catapults exactly but are also held in place with an elastic band.