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Flat Shadow

Flat Shadow

Instrument Six

Instrument Six

Yesterday I posted a stereoscopic picture of the floating shadow created by Instrument six (which can by definition only be seen to hover stereoscopically). The view is of quite a subtle lift from the surface and the registration lines on the folding picture plane behind help you sense the parallax. Due the subtle lift some people have difficulty in seeing the float, so here is a stereoscopic view of the shadow registered on the screen (in its normal position before Instrument Six lifts it into the space between the shadow caster and the screen). Also a picture of Instrument Six for anyone who is new to this blog.

After viewing this image in stereo, it might be worth returning to the previous post to see the difference.

Exhibition,  Grand Parade, Brighton

Exhibition, Grand Parade, Brighton

There is an exhibition called Mobility of the line that opens on Friday evening (7th of March) and runs until the 9th of April at Grand Parade, Brighton. I will post some more pictures another day, but here is the section with Perry Kulper’s and my work. A couple of drawing instruments, photographs of each in action and a couple of earlier pieces by each of us – a print of Perry’s Fast Twitch plan and a print of Instrument five in action.


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